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Why Choose Capitotal Lending Group?

Capitotal Lending Group offers a fast, simple and flexible loan process platform. We are an online marketplace to bring lenders and borrowers together and to make them connect directly if their requirements match against each other.

We at Capitotal Lending Group gives an advanced solution to resolve your financial restrictions as soon as possible. You may be going through a situation where you need a certain amount of money as soon as possible. When you submit your application, it is processed in 10 minutes and you are contacted through a Lender within 24 hours. Our services are Free and no hidden charges from Capitotal Lending Group are applicable. We are safe, secure and an online platform which uses advanced technologies to get you approval for your loan application.

Our Lender network offers:

  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Flexible Loan repayment terms
  • Capitotal Lending Group is a matching and referral service for fair credit, bad credit, and good credit.
  • Interest Rates Varying state to state and range 2.67% APR to 29.55 % APR

Features of Capitotal Lending group

Quick and Hassle Free

Capitotal Lending group offer seamless robust user experience in terms of connecting with the right lender, ability to view details of both the lender and the borrower, transparent transaction analysis and many more features.  Our entire process is inclined and dedicated to looking for personal loans with lenders.  We provide hassle-free and transparent loan product which fits for unique requirements of the consumers.

Easy and Instant

Capitotal Lending Group offers a safe, secure and simple platform to apply for a loan online directly through a lender. Through our platform, we connect the borrowers with the lenders and thus you receive a speedy response regarding your loan requirements. Get instantly connected to a lender and receive a response to take your application further within a few minutes. You experience is simple, quick, easy and fast on Capitotal Lending Group. You are contacted within 24 hours after an application.


Capitotal Lending Group matches with the right lender directly to get the funds. We don’t involve brokers or third party involved so there are higher chances to get the needed funds easily. You are not required to wait for long. Our lender relationships ensure to safe and protect your data with high standards of data encryption. With utmost trust and transparency, we help our consumers to regain financial stability.

Some Products of Our Lenders

Making Borrowing So Much Easier

Personal Loans

Achieving a personal loan should be easy. Whether you need it for home furnishings, a car, college tuition, or anything else, you can receive the funding that you require. Lenders don’t care what you want to use the money for, only that you’re able to pay the money back in a timely manner. Our goal is to make the process easier so that you can get approved quickly. From there, you can use the money how you see fit based on your current financial status.

Attractive Interest Rates

When you work with us at Capitotal Lending Group, we are committed to finding attractive rates of interest. With a lower rate, you can find lower repayment terms. You can either pay a lower monthly payment or pay the loan back faster. One thing you can count on is that you won’t have to worry about paying at a rate of interest that is higher than average. We work with the most reputable lenders to avoid this sort of thing. It makes it easier for you to focus on the lending while allowing us to sort out the terms on your behalf.

Flexible Credit Line

You don’t always know exactly how much you need. As such, our lenders can work with you to establish a flexible credit line. Our lenders can provide the amount that you need when you need it the most. Plus, as you make payments on the loan, more may be available to you. This can be a great way to establish working capital for launching your business. It can also be used in a variety of personal situations. The most important thing is that you get the money quickly so that you can buy what is necessary and worry about the payments later on.


Access your funds in 24 hours

100% No Obligation

Capitotal Lending Group is the right platform if you are looking for the best choices for a personal loan. The platform is an efficient way to apply for a loan which provides you with a simple and fast process to submit your loan application, which is accessible to many lenders in the lending market. You also get the privilege to access products a, and lenders directly using the platform. Our services are fast, simple, transparent, easy, reliable and online which is safe, secure and transparent.

Personalized Quote

Capitotal Lending Group offers the best network to leverage personalized loan offers based on your requirements. We are a solution platform for your loan requirements and or services are Free and will always be Free. In the lending market, the cost has been always a key consideration but our huge network is willing to provide you with the best loan solution so that you can access your money as soon as possible. We ensure that our safe, secure, fast and updated platform is capable to resolve your financial crisis and let you experience peace of mind.

Receive your money with 24 Hours

Submit your loan application on our website. We are associated with 100+ trusted lenders across the country. A lender from the network shall contact you within 24 hour business hours after your application is qualified.

Important Disclosure

Capitotal offers a simple online platform to apply for a loan, contact a lender directly and eliminates unnecessary paperwork and meetings.

You are contacted by a lender within 24 hours after applying your application. Capitotal Lending Group is the only platform which moves your inquiry to pay out with no delay.

Capitotal Lending Group offers personal rate based on your requirements and financial situations. We make a simplified application process that offers flexible personal loans for both secured and unsecured loan offerings.

Capitotal Lending Group maintains a high level of transparency to help consumers by introducing right packages with sincerity and trust.