Best platform to get money quickly

Capitotal Lending Group | How it Works – Loan Application.It brings borrowers and lenders together, redefining and transforming the way people can access credit. We have a huge and strong network of small-sized companies who offer short-term lending solutions. Our team collects your information and processes it against lenders to find a perfect match in the lending market.  Your information is required by the lenders to understand your requirements, example:

  • Are you a U.S citizen?
  • Have you been steadily employed in the same job for the past 90 days?
  • Do you have a valid and open bank account?
  • Do you earn $1,000 per month?
  • Are you willing to provide valid contact information?


Capitotal Lending Group | How it Works – Loan Application offers a simple online platform to apply for a loan, contact a lender directly and eliminates unnecessary paperwork and meetings. You are contacted by a lender within 24 hours after applying your application. Capitotal Lending Group | How it Works – Loan Application is the only platform which moves your inquiry to pay out with no delay. Our Lenders offer various loan types based on your requirements and financial situations. We make a simplified application process that offers flexible personal loans for both secured and unsecured loan offerings.

The Process is Simple

Capitotal Lending Group | How it Works – Loan Application is the platform for bringing lenders and borrows together to meet their requirements and leverage the benefits from each other. Our national network of lenders is the quality network of lenders, who understands and helps to meet the requirements of a borrower. Our process is simple:


Submit your loan application with basic details using Capitotal Lending Group interface.

Our System

Our system matches your requirement against the outlined requirements by the lenders.

Qualify your Application

When you qualify your application based on the provided details, our lenders approve your applications. Our network of lenders approves applicants with bad credit, good credit or no credit to make it simpler for you to access the money you need.

Safe and Secure

Data of an applicant is safe and secure with Capitotal Lending Group and is transmitted using 256- bit encryption. Our platform is safe and secure and keeps updating technologies to meet data confidentially compliances.

Outstanding Customer Service

Capitotal Lending Group does not offer any loan to the borrowers, directly. Our network of lenders is willing to provide you with the best and flexible options for your loan. Our lenders provide different options for the loan like signature loans, payday loans or money loan, which helps you to choose the best option to meet your requirements.

Important Disclosure

Capitotal Lending Group | How it Works – Loan Application process puts you in touch with many lenders who are willing to provide you cash as a loan. You can be in any need of money, for example, to manage emergency repairs, medical issues, pay utility bills etc. It may be important to receive the amount as quickly as possible to meet your money needs. Your requirement must be fulfilled by a lender who is willing to provide a loan quickly. Our lender offers different types of loan like a payday loan, signature loan and money loans.

Capitotal Lending Group is not a Lender and thus do not offer any type of direct loan to the consumer. We forward details of a borrower to our huge network of lenders, who may be willing to provide you the cash loans. We do not endorse any lender, directly or indirectly. Therefore, we are also not responsible for any disapproval of your loan and any other dispute between the borrower and the lender. We are paid through lenders on a commission basis for providing the referrals. We do not take any charges from you, who want a loan from a lender using our network.

Our network of Lenders has their own set of terms and conditions. Capitotal Lending Group platform is not associated or involved with fees or rates of interest charged by a lender. We have no responsibility of a deal between you and the lender; we are accountable for any actions of a lender in or out of the network. Our customer support team cannot answer questions which are related to terms and conditions defined beyond our lender-borrower matching services.