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Questions – Capitotal Lending Group | General Questions .A personal loan is typically money borrowed from a lending facility that you pay back in fixed monthly payments, typically over two years to five years. Lender rates can range from 7% to 36% APR.

A debt consolidation entails taking out a new loan to finance a number of liabilities and consumer debts. So typically multiple debts are actually financed by a single debt under a more favorable condition which includes lower interest rates.

Most Lenders require borrowers to:

  1. Be employed in your current position for less than 90 days
  2. Be at least 18 years old, and resides in the USA
  3. Have an income of approximately $1,000 per month.
  4. Have a valid email address, work phone number and home phone number

Our online application process should take a few minutes to complete. After we have received your application, we will then immediately match you with one of the lenders from our trusted lending network. You will be contacted by a lender within 24 hours. Funds are usually disbursed within 24-48 hours.

Once you have accepted terms and condition of the loan and provide required documentation if necessary, the lender will deliver the funds within as little as 24 hours

We use advance industrialized encryption technology to protect our customer’s personal information. Your information is transmitted and stored in our highly secured database system.

Other Questions

There are usually no penalties required by lenders when paying off loans early.

We are not a lender. Interest rate varies from state and is also primarily dependent on the lender decisions. All information and terms of loan will be provided by the lender.

A secured personal loan is backed by collateral. The secured personal loan usually comes with lower interest rates applied to loan terms. The unsecured personal loan is not backed by collateral and usually have higher interest rates.

Credit scores below 620 are usually considered to be bad credit scores.

There are various approach to improving your credit score. You may need to think of meeting deadlines for repayments, reducing depts. among other measures.

Capitotal Lending Group is a free platform for customers. Our service is always free. We are compensated by our network of lenders based on a model that selects a lender from our database with highest bid.